Story of Khaelou

Khaelou is a one-man independent game studio created by 21 year-old Georgia native My-khael Pierce. With many technological achievements and collaborations sparking My-khael's career, creating new game experiences has always been a motivational hobby he worked towards.

Meanwhile, the umbrella that would hold his future projects was born in 2021. In addition, My-khael took the intuitive to design & implement the assets for his brand, Khaelou. The domain was registered, 3 new mobile games were announced to his close friends via social media expecting a Mid-2021 release.

With a background in Computer Programming and Graphical Design, these skills alone would be the key-aspects towards building the ever-so-charming mobile titles Leap Buoy, Aero Out, & Magic 8 Simulator.

Prior to branding Khaelou, My-khael was on a journey in Las Vegas which consisted of shipping a mobile app with a former business partner. Pierce gained knowledge amongst many entrepreneurs, investors, and new friends that would help towards marketing his own projects.

Pierce's 1st mobile game was titled Little Buoy, being practically a 2D version of Leap Buoy released in 2017. At 17 years old, he had amassed $20k+ from ad revenue and won both district & state for Georgia technology competitions 2 years consecutively from the game.

Little Buoy used Unity 3D and C#, Khaelou has since switched to BuildBox, PlayCanvas, JavaScript and Go for future games/backend software. Design inspirations often come from Cartoons, Games, and Movies he watched growing up as a child born in 2000. The Green K was inspired by his mother's favorite color being green, the 4 forks of the K each represents his mother's 4 sons.

Outside of technology My-khael is heavily motivated by the success of his older cousin/rapper, Lil Baby.